For this Project I made a music video along with all the social promotion as well as the album art.

The Client has been a long time friend. He is a rapper and audio engineer. For his new song "Buzz" he wanted to make a music video and also wanted social media promotion and and album art. We started with storyboarding the music video. We decided that since it was called Buzz we had to incorporate
Toy Story. so I choose the opening scene to be buzz in the box as if he was getting packed away because Andy was done with him. Then like most music videos we just followed the vibe of the song and lyrics to match the video. The video was all Filmed, and edited by me. The Album art was simple, took Buzz Lightyear armor that he wears and recreated in illustrator, searched through free use nasa photos to find a perfect match of outer space that I liked and did a little manipulation to the photo to get the end result.

Using Format