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Mary Catherine's

I was selected to do a revamp of the logo for a local mastectomy fitter in Seattle, Wa Mary Cathrine's

I was contacted to redo the Mary Catherine’s logo. The client had just got the logo revamped. But there was some things that they didn’t like but couldn’t put their finger on it. One thing is they wanted to get rid of box surrounding the typeface and change the type face. First thing I did was go all in the typeface. Tried Handwritten and different typefaces. After a couple back and fourths we came up with the logo. I also took a part of the "M" and made a new heart icon that was right on Brand! The client was impressed with how I took their needs and wants with very little information and was still able to present want they wanted. This led to a on-going relationship. Now creating medical form layouts and more logo and other design work.