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Red Star Taco Bar

I was assigned to make sticker designs for a local bar in Fremont, Seattle Red Star Taco Bar.

I was given this role as a side project while working at Stickie Bandits. It was the first b2b sticker sell at Stickie Bandits, I was giving the weekend to come up with some Ideas and be ready to present on Monday. Friday I decided to go down to the taco bar to look around take pictures and get a feel for what I would I go on to design later. Going to down to the bar was the best thing I did for myself, it made the design process so much faster! I started by looking at the pictures and drawing inspiration from there. I was told to make 4-5 designs and they would choose 2-4 to print. I knew that it was important project and I had the whole weekend. When monday came I had 11 designs and was given the project to complete. The client liked what I sent, we went through 3 revisions as well one more design of the Fremont troll. The client choose 4 different designs and we sent them off!