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Take No Losses

I was Chosen to Create a logo and brand and also stay on as the designer for a local Seattle Apparel Company Take No Losses.

The Client wanted to start a apparel company and reached out because of my past experiences in the field. We started with a logo, he gave me a couple different companies that he wanted his project inspired from. During our first talk the thing that stood out to me the most was he wanted it to look and feel like it had been through something. My first thought was "Streets", "Concrete" so I started with trying to find and design and a typeface that kind of fit that style. Once I had the typeface I wanted to make it TNL, I googled winning and was looking at photos for inspiration and noticed there was a ton of trophies. so I took a pic of one and kind of lined up the "T" with the left handle, then with "N" it was perfect for the body of the trophy, and the "L" as the right handle. We ended up making three different logos and Take No Losses was born.